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Our Reality - A Perspective to Consider

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The church doors may be closed but our God is ever present. A matter of fact, social distancing does not apply to him. When you believe, his spirit consumes everything within and it’s pretty clear that you see everything from a new perspective. Whether you’re searching, a believer, have an inquisitive mind or your views are polar opposite, I ask that you take the time to ponder this.

I believe, when the Lord knows you are his, he will always use you to bring glory to him. See, he is not a secret and he undoubtedly wants to be known. He does need voices to speak and I know with what’s been building within, if I don’t share, it will nag me until I do. After all, his will is far greater than mine.

I’m always a little hesitant to share depending on the audience. I know and respect that we all hold our own values. I see truth in many of the positive posts with the times we are in. I agree that mother nature is healing itself as we stay inside. I also agree that we all will value community, people and our world more than we ever have when life gets back to normal. Amongst this, I do see one missing common denominator which is God. To me, it seems there is far more going on then what we can perceive.

While talking to my Grandma recently, I shared with her an abbreviation I came across on social media for COVID 19. Christ Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases. The 19 can be seen in Joshua 1:9. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you, wherever you go.” It’s mind blowing how present he is in everything! I shared my thoughts on how incredibly moving and relevant this was right now and apologized if I was being too “preachy”. My grandma told me not to apologize and she thought it was soothing. Perhaps, the spirit testified to his truth and gave her that peace and security only he can provide.

In Colossians 1:16 it reminds us that God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. All things are created through him and for him. When you think about it, if his creation has been crumbling before him to the point of environmental pollution and global warming – something had to change and it wasn’t going to be done by our own hands.

I truly believe our God is shaking things up. It’s kind of surreal after reading much of God’s word to see it being played out right now. We all may know some of the bible stories. There has been the flood, famines, war, destruction and more when we as humans look at everything this world offers, but the creator himself.

The first commandment is to love our God more than anything else. We can fill in our own blanks as to what consumes us. Whether it’s tv, friends, work, social media, perhaps addiction, self-hate, worry, insecurity, the list is endless. We are human and we weren’t created for our schedules to consume us, to live a life that doesn’t bring peace and to not experience rest which is essential to our mind, body and soul. I agree, we do need to see the core values of relationship and community as life gets back to normal. After all, this is also a foundation of the Lord, a sense of community and love.

The posts I’ve seen about the reset of life and healing of this world – 100% truth. We have all been knocked down to the same level regardless of our social status. We all are dealing with the same troubles right now and we are not in control.

Our God is looking for our attention. He wants us to get back to basics and seek him first and foremost. He wants us to love him, our family, our neighbors, nature and all we have been given. He wants us to know the one who reigns above all – the one who brings true joy.

Our God will crush the enemy. He has before and he will again. We all are keeping our spirits up with hope, laughter, family and more during this time. If our jokes fade, quarantine days feel longer or worry and feelings of uncertainty creep in, know that there is a loving God who is our comforter and healer. He is actually the author of joy, peace and love. We all know what these are, however, to experience them through the author who spoke them into existence – forever in awe.

This too, shall pass. Can we all please pray in our own way? For this to be released from us, to be with those who are suffering and for everyone who is on the front lines? As fast as this came, it can go!

Jenn B

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