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The Tipping Point

After a coffee pot shatters at my feet today like a reflection of what's going on inside, experiencing wounds that the Lord was healing, today was tough. As a faithfully LGBTQ individual, it can be a hard road to walk. Some people can't comprehend our love for God and his hand in our lives. Some may deem us unworthy BUT God does not. To the ones that come at us with verses and no space for understanding, our hearts are his. We have taken the time to learn, educate and understand at a level that we had to because we know who we are through him and we are just trying to do life, just like the next person. There are so many LGBTQ individuals that have experienced such heartache from fellow believers that remain believers themselves and find a place to belong and continue to grow in Christ. Take note, God does not leave us. If he wasn't with us we'd be running as far in the opposite direction as possible. Why do we stay? One answer, God.

He has his arms securely around us and we are filled with his presence. Filled by the fruits of his life changing spirit. We are being built up and led. The ones that the church rejects will move forward by the power of his spirit to create a life changing shift. It will be a church of acceptance, love and grace. It will be a church where people can meet Jesus and if the spirit is rising up within them to glorify him, it will be encouraged and not shut down.

I know too many people who won't step foot in a church because of what they've heard or seen. I want them and everyone for that matter to know Jesus first hand. To be in relationship with the one who created and loved them first. There is so much power when we come together, ALL BELIEVERS AND SEEKERS to worship, fellowship, serve, grow, learn and build eachother up. To have any fellow believers make you feel less then worthy of God's redeeming love and grace would be nothing short of heartbreaking.

In recent months, the pieces that have shattered are slowly being put back together more beautiful then they were before. Experiences up until now, are stepping stones to what is ahead. The Lord's hand is mighty! My praises, worship and sharing my heart through words will always outweigh the noise.

Nothing can be changed until its faced. May the Lord soften your heart to a greater understanding, if it's needed. Change does need to happen. Souls and hearts are being crushed or lost unjustly. This is something that should tear at anyone's heart. God is so very good and my mission is to share him, make people aware of his goodness and saving grace and ensure everyone knows they are welcome. Everyone.


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